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Edit like a savvy pro video editing course

IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR! (that you will be proud to post)

No need to dive into 3 hour tutorials anymore that aren't even up to date.

This course is for business owners and content creators looking to up level their video editing skills and start creating money from their video content

In this 6 step program you'll receive 26 mini tutorials so that you can finish editing your videos today regardless of your level of video editing experience.

Paid creator collective monthly membership

This monthly membership shows you how to build a creator business and monetize your channel before you hit 4000 watch time hours....

In this monthly membership you will gain access to

Monthly live sessions

Monthly Q&A

Private community group chat

Quarterly networking events

Scaling with Video ebook

This 28-page guide will give you the tools and know-how to start generating leads and converting them to sales in no time!